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Sea Rigs

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Arno-Hooks 3 Hook Clipped Rig

Premium Rigs tied with quality components Each rig has 30cm 25lb snoodsUltimate Aberdee..


Dennett SaltwaterPro 2 Hook Wire Boom Rig

Professional rigs tied up for your convenience, main line 60lb with 20lb hook lengths.Size 2 Hook..


Hayabusa HD183 Sea Rigs

2 rigs per pack2 hook flapperHook size 6 (jpn #14)Hooklength length - 10cmIdeal for medium sizes spe..


Hayabusa NB373 Sea Rigs

3 rigs per pack2 hook flappers with plastic tube boomsHook size 6 (jpn #15)Hooklength length - 13cmI..


Kinetic 2 Hook Classic Plaice Rig with 120g Weight

Kinetic 2 Hook Plaice Leader with Inline WeightThis great new version of the popular Plaice leader r..


Kinetic Mohawk Rig

This light boat & shore fishing rig is made with attractive “Mohawk hair” combined with beads an..


Owner 2 Hook Flounder Flappers x 2 Sets

2 hook flappers x 2 setsNice rigs for Flounder and smaller fish fished close to medium distance on b..


Owner 2up Rabbit Rigs – 2 pack

Short 2 hook flappersOwner green and pink beads and rabbit fur on top hook as an attractorHook size..


Owner 3 Hook Pier Small Fish Rig x 2 Sets

2 sets of 3 hook rigs for fishing vertically from a pier.Ideal rig for species hunting for small fis..


Owner Karei Luminous Eel Head Heavy Hooklengths

Owner Karei Luminous Eel Head HooklengthsLuminous green Head with eyes5 per pack2 options available&..


Owner Moving Flatfish Rigs - 2 pack

High Quality 2 down rig suitable when fished with a URFEBoth hooks have floating beads and glow bead..


Owner Strong Small Rig x 2 Sets

Each pack has 2 sets of 2 hook rigs complete with sinkers attachedGood rig for pier fishing when the..


Owner Swift Attack Sea Hooklengths

High quality Japanese hooklengths from owner.All hook sizes and line diameter in description are app..


Owner UV Pipe 3 hook Flappers x 2 Sets

●2 x sets of 3 hook rigs.UV pipe for attracting a Varity of fish.Each rig is 1.4m long, Hooklen..


Yuki Atlantic Flapper Sea Rigs

Hand tied carbon hooksLength - 1.2m50cm hook lengths Main body - .50mmHook lengths - .35mm..