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Tools, Accessories, etc


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Daiwa Prorex Pistol Disgorger

These disgorger pliers are perfectly made for reaching hooks and lures which have been swallowed dee..


Fox Rage Predator Bait Poppers

Designed for popping up both live and deadbaits. These buoyant foam poppers are perfect for fishing ..


Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil and Air Kit

Injecting Deadbait with air gives them sufficient buoyancy to be used in rigs that keep them off the..


Fox Rage Predator Drop Arm Indicator Mk2

This adjustable swinger arm indicators provide the perfect bite indication for the angler that prefe..


Fox Rage Predator MK2 Pike Swinger

These are exactly the same as Fox’s Adjustable Swinger Bite Indicators, but without the adjustable w..


Fox Rage Predator Run Rings and Buffer Beads

These offer minimal resistance to predators when ledgering. This dramatically reduces the number of ..


Fox Rage Predator Weigh Sling

- Dimensions: 123 × 61cm- Transport dimensions: 21 × 36cm- Colour: black/yellow- Suitable for all si..


Iron Claw Deadbait Syringe Kit

This syringe set allows you to inject your dead baitfish with air or oil. By injecting the fish with..


Kinetic Cut Resistant Glove

Kinetic Cut Resistant Gloves are made of polyester with steel wire to protect your hands from slice ..


Kinetic Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Pliers 12"

The unique handle design of Kinetic stainless steel pistol grip pliers gives you the additional leve..


Kinetic Mini Split Ring Pliers

The Kinetic CS Mini Splitring Plier are small but tough. Crafted of carbon steel with an anti-slip h..


Kinetic Straight Nose Pliers 8.5"

With the Kinetic stainless steel pliers in your tackle box, you're sure to have everything you need ..


Mikado Trolling Rod Holder

**Note Colour may vary**Boat rod pods made for trolling technique. Due to their sturdy mounts, pods ..


Savage Gear Long Nose Bend Pliers

• PTFE-coated carbon steel• Bent long nose for easy hook removal• Ergonomic PVC grips• Length: 11” (..


Savage Gear Unhooking Matt

The Savage Gear Pro Unhooking Mat is manufactured from fish friendly Taupin and padded with high den..