Chenille, Fritz, Straggles, Brushes, Etc.

Chenille, Fritz, Straggles, Brushes, Etc.

Chenille, Fritz, Straggles, Brushes, Etc.

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Flybox Gel-Core Shimmer Fritz

Gel Core Shimmer Fritz is a revolutionary type of fritz with the world’s first dyeable metallic fila..


Flybox HD Galaxy Vinyl

HD Galaxy Vinyl features glitter particles glued beneath the vinyl to create a deep 3D effect. Use i..


Flybox HD Holo Vinyl

HD Holographic Vinyl has a coating moulded beneath the vinyl. The added bonus of this is that it ren..


Flybox HD Hotspot Vinyl

High Definition Hotspot Vinyl is a super bright fluorescent vinyl – similar to our High-Definition Q..


Flybox Micro Pseudo Hackle

NEW Single-Wave Pseudo is a single-wave Synthetic Organza Ribbon – ie, it doesn’t have the cross-fib..


Flybox Mini Gel-Core Fritz UV

Mini Gel Core Fritz is a smaller 10mm size of our Gel-Core Fritz, designed more for standard lure bo..


Flybox Predator Hackle

Predator Hackle is a 25mm Metallic Synthetic Hackle aimed at predator & trout lures. The materia..


Flybox Small Crystal Hackle

Small Crystal HackleFollowing the huge success of Medium Crystal Hackle – this smaller sized 5mm ver..


Flybox UV Crystal Hackle

UV Crystal Hackle has been developed to maintain the same properties as original Medium Crystal Hack..


Veniard Dragon Tails (Medium)

NOW AVAILABLE IN 15CM MEDIUMThese fluffy tapered tails offer superb swimming movement when in water,..


Veniard Pike Brush

2" fibers on a wire core. Very soft and mobile but still tough...


Veniard TRI-Lobal Hackle Small

100% pure Tri lobal hackle.All the positives of natural feathers but stronger and more uniform...


Veniard UV Long Hair Holographic Chenille 40mm

Suitable for saltwater and pike flies. The 40mm holographic chenille cards has four different colour..