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Decoy Offshore Sabiki - 2 pack

High quality Japanese sabiki2 x 3 hook rigsMainline 40lbBranch line 30lbHook size (eu # 4)Total leng..


Dennett Coloured Feathers 6 Hook Rig

Dennett Coloured Feathers 6 Hook Rig3 options in hook sizePerfect for Pollock, Cod and Mackerel..


Dennett Slasher 3 Hook Mackerel Rigs

Dennett Slasher 3 Hook Mackerel RigsSize 2 hooks.Ideal for mackerel..


Dennett White Cod Feathers

Dennett White Cod Feathers3 Hooks per RigHook size - 7/0..


Eddystone Delta Eels 65mm

Brilliant Pollock lures65mm 4 lures per pack..


Eddystone Eels 50mm

Excellent Pollock luresSize 50mm4 per pack..


Hayabusa HS-352 Sabiki x 2 Sets

2 sets of 3 hook casting feathers In order to aim at offshore targets, the trunk thread is thic..


Hayabusa HS-421 Casting Rigs 2 pack

2 Sets of sea rigsEach rigs has 3 hooksMain line - 0.57Hook size - #5 JPN..


Hayabusa SS-023 Sabiki

Sandeel imitation tied with Seaguar fluorocarbonHook size #13 Japan Length - 2.75mMainline - 0...


Hayabusa SS-301 Glow Sabiki

Tied with luminous fishskin and Seaguar fluorocarbonHook size #13 JapanLength - 2.75mMainline - 0.40..


Kinetic MaxCatch Glow Fish Skin Feathers

The Kinetic Sabiki MaxCatch has 7 hooks and the strength to quickly fill your bucket. Small, jet pow..


Kinetic Rooster Tail Feathers -13%

Kinetic Rooster Tail Feathers

This rig is used worldwide with or without bait, near the bottom or in pelagic waters. Strong line a..

€2.30 €1.99

Kinetic SilverStrike Sabiki Herring Rigs

The combination of real fish skin, flash hair and ultra-sharp hooks makes this a natural choice for ..


Mikado Herring Rigs

Herring angling rigs armed with 6 hooks...