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Tools and Accessories

Tools and Accessories 

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Dragon Easi-Thread Fly Threader 3pk

Simple and easy to use, the Dragon Easi-Thread Fly Threader makes threading flies a piece of cake in..


Dragon Tippet Sink Mud

Made in the UKPull tippet through mud to remove grease which may prevent your leader from sinking..


Greys Magnetic Clip 5kg

The Greys Magnetic Clips create the perfect link between the landing net and the angler. They can ea..


Kinetic Bombarda Floats

One of the most efficient ways of fishing for sea trout on the coast or trout in the lakes and river..


Leeda Profil Tippet Retainer

The Profil Tippet Retainer employs an innovative t-bar shape to keep your tipped spools tidy and han..


Owner Bite Indicators

Owner Bite IndicatorsVarious Colours 16 per pack..


A Jensen Rod and Reel Professional Bag

A bag made for keeping rods, reels, flyboxes, leadermaterial, and whatever you need for your trip.Yo..


Gehrke's Gink Dry Fly Dressing

Gehrke’s Gink is the first commercially offered, safe, dry fly dressing that floated flies repeated..


Hunts Original Up High Float Gel

Up High is our first offering to the world of float gels. With so many available on the market today..


Leeda Profil Line Clippers

Sharp, Strong and long lasting stainless steel line clippers ..


Leeda Profil Zinger

Offers quick access to essential equipment ..


Mucilin Hourglass

Silicone Mucilin is a new product made by Thames Fishing Tackle from England. It is easy to use, jus..


Mucilin Line Dressing

The classic fly line conditioner TFT Ltd. Mucilin Green Label Silicone Fly Floatant and Line Dressin..