Pike Lure Traces, Stringer Rigs, Corkscrews etc.

Pike Lure Traces, Stringer Rigs, Corkscrews etc.

Pike Lure Traces, Stringer Rigs, Corkscrews etc.

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Abu Garcia Beast Screw In Weights

Abu Garcia Beast Screw In Weights have a wingnut design, these Zinc screw-in weights are s..


BKK BB-Trigger-21 Stinger Rig

Unlock the potential of your pike softbaits with the BKK Stinger Rig UV. Crafted with a robust 49-st..


Kinetic Anti-Kink Sinker

This great little invention will prevent a lot of twisted and tangled lines, diminished breaking str..


Kinetic Single Stingers 2 pack

Mount the stinger on your normal jig head or use it in combination with a screw-in jig head. We have..


Kinetic Weighted Swivels -10%

Kinetic Weighted Swivels

Give your set up a twist adding a weighted swivel. You can use this swivel in many ways. You can eve..

€5.00 €4.50

Mikado Jaws Double EVO Fluo Stingers

Mikado Jaws Double EVO Fluo StingersGlow in the dark trebles..


Mikado Jaws Fluorocarbon Leaders -12%

Mikado Jaws Fluorocarbon Leaders

Top-notch leaders made of fluorocarbon. Sturdy construction was fitted with a perfect Predator snap...

€3.99 €3.50

Mikado Jaws Quick Change Spiral Soft Lure Screw

A spiral for soft lures with a quick change-of-weight system, that does not require the spiral to be..


Mikado Jaws Titanium Lure Trace with Snap

Insane durability and sturdiness with really low diameter are among unquestionable advantages of tit..


Mikado Jaws Titanium Lure Traces

Titanium is an unbeatable number one material when it comes to leaders production. Incredible durabi..


Mikado Jaws Wolfram Leaders

Light braided wolfram leadersUseful leaders when perch fishing if there are pike around also2 per pa..


Mikado Litanium Wolfram Leaders

Ultra light Wolfram leaders Length - 25cmWide array of tungsten Lithanium leaders consists of b..


Mikado X-Plode Steel Lure Trace

Steel pike leader with swivel and lure clip2 per packLength - 25cm..


Westin Add-it 19 Strand Pike Leaders

Made using high quality components fromAFW (American Fishing Wire)2 pieces per packLength - 50cmStre..


Westin Add-it HD Double Jointed Stingers

1 Stinger per packAdd-It Jointed HD Stingers are made with two things in mind – versatility and extr..