UltraLight LRF Rods

UltraLight LRF Rods

UltraLight LRF Rods

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Kinetic Defeater Ultralight Rods

A super-versatile, well-balanced ultra-light spinning rod like Kinetic Defeader CT is as good as gol..


Major Craft Crostage CRX-T792L

Ten years after the Crostage Debut, the completely New "3rd Generation" Crostage appears at last. A ..


Major Craft First Cast FCS-802el

Length: 2.4m (8ft)Section - 2Casting weight – 1-12gThe best model for using egi size..


Savage Gear SG2 Micro Game Rods

SG2 MICRO GAME Designed for tiny lures, these perfectly balanced rods give you optimal feel and sens..


Savage Gear SGS2 Saltwater Light Game Rods

SGS2 LIGHT GAME This collection of Light Game rods represents the perfect choice when you need to sc..


Savage Gear SGS2 Saltwater Ultra Light Game Rods

SGS2 ULTRA LIGHT GAME Take finesse fishing to a new level with the SGS2 Ultra Light Game rod series ..


Shakespeare Salt XT LRF Rods

Shakespeare's Salt XT LRF (Light Rock Fishing) range of rods are suitable for saltwater, but al..


Westin W3 Finesse Jig 2nd Generation Rods

The W3 Finesse Jig 2nd Generation is the ultimate rod for light-to-medium finesse jigging for perch ..


Berkley URBN Finesse LRF Rods

The URBN range or rods are made for the angler who doesn’t need platforms to fish from and over han..


Shakespeare Agility LRF Rods -3%

Shakespeare Agility LRF Rods

In recognition of the burst in popularity of the LRF style here in the UK, Shakespeare have introdu..

39.99€ 38.99€

Westin W3 Street Stick Ultra Light Rods -14%

Westin W3 Street Stick Ultra Light Rods

Get ready for a fishing rod that could become essential as an urban accessory, the latest sneakers ..

99.00€ 85.00€