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Bait Breath Fish Tail Shads

Bait Breath Fish Tail is a 2.8 inch classical slug with vertical lifelike fish tail, made of very so..


Bait Breath O-Go Kyu 2 inch

8 pcs in packIt is a soft bait that thoroughly pursues flight distance, operability, and power to mo..


Bait Breath Rush Craw 2.8in

The long-awaited 2.8-inch rush claw for rock fish is available!Originally developed for bass fishin..


Bait Breath TT Shad 2.4 inch

Bait Breaths legendary TT shad Ideal for PerchLength - 6cmSoft lure Bait Breath TT Shad has a round ..


Berkley Gulp Alive Nereis 6"

The Berkley Gulp Alive Nereis is an artificial bait that bears lifelike features to Nereis, the spe..


Berkley Gulp Hollow Sandworm 3.8in

Berkley Gulp!  Hollow Sandworm has the extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! which expands the str..


Berkley Gulp Isome Hosomi 4 inch

12 per packVery slim diameterThis is the Small size in the Gulp! Saltwater Isome range ..


Berkley Gulp Sand Sardines 1.8in

Berkley Gulp Sardine Shad Length - 1.8in (4cm)16 per packSmall LRF Pintail ragworm lures..


Berkley Gulp Sandworm Nereis 2in

Length - 2in (5cm)16 per packGulp! has 400 times more scent dispersion than ordinary plastic bait. T..


Berkley Powerbait Power Nymph -8%

Berkley Powerbait Power Nymph

Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great!Berkley scientists have spent ove..

€6.00 €5.50

BiteScience Twitch Worm 2.5 inch

Bite Science lures are the brain child of accomplished fish biologist & behavioural scientist Pr..


Ecogear Aqua Katsu Aji Straight 3.2"

Ecogear Aqua Katsu Aji Straight Lure KATSU AJI STRAIGHT is designed specifically for AJI (horse mack..


EcoGear Aqua Stocker 180ml -30%

EcoGear Aqua Stocker 180ml

ECOGEARAQUA’s special case for storage. Designed with 4 locks it is airtight. The container is also ..

€9.99 €6.99

Fox Rage Micro Bullet Jigheads -40%

Fox Rage Micro Bullet Jigheads

A brilliant new addition and shape to our range of micro jig headsNew, streamlined bullet-shape spre..

€4.99 €2.99