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Daiwa TDX Boat Rods

Team Daiwa boat and uptide rods have a well-deserved reputation. The TDX series offers outstand..


Penn Conflict XR Tuna Rods

The PENN Conflict XR Tuna is an excellent series of rods designed for trolling and drifting.These ro..


Penn Regiment 3 Boat Rods

PENN Regiment III Boat RodThe Regiment III Boat rods are incorporating the fantastic SLS3 blank asse..


Penn Wrath Boat rods

The PENN Wrath Boat rods are available in two weight classes:20-30lb and 30-50lb.The rods are equipp..


Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Tuff Boat Rods

Now a new era is beginning. The Ugly Stik Gold Tuff is taking the angling world by storm and it is e..


TronixPro Banzai Boat Rods

8ft in length in three classes, 6/12lb, 12/20lb and 20/30lb.A tight range of three boat rods that wi..


Yuki Dokku MultiTip Competition Boat Rod

2 piece + 4 TipsLength - 3.5mMax Casting Weight - 350gExcellent finishSensitive bite detectioninclud..


Yuki Saiko Multitip Competition Boat Rod -20%

Yuki Saiko Multitip Competition Boat Rod

Excellent value competition boat rod from Yuki.2 Section + 2 TipsLength - 3mMax casting weight - 300..

79.99€ 64.00€

Savage Gear SGS2 Boat Game Rods

20-30 Boat rodLength - 7ft2 piece Plenty of power with good bite detection..


Shakespeare Salt Boat Rods

SALT is the new SW concept in Shakespeare for all new and avid anglers at a very attractive price po..


Westin W3 Boat Rod 20-30lb

Length - 7ftA practical 3 section design makes this rod “spot on” for all kinds oftravelling, no mat..


Yuki Neox Heavy Plus Multi Tip Boat Rod

Yuki’s Flagship competition boat rod.Super light black with exceptional power.Supplied with 2 tipsSe..


Daiwa Tournament Boat Rods

These rods are incredibly versatile It can be used for fishing for Bass on shallow reefs to targeti..


Penn Regiment 3 Roller Boat Rods

The PENN Regiment  Boat rods are a new generation of super light but powerful rods. Engineered ..


Penn Regiment II Tuna 80lb Rod

The PENN Regiment II Tuna rods are a new generation of super light but powerful rods. Engineered to..