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Boat Rods

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Daiwa TDX Boat Rods

Team Daiwa boat and uptide rods have a well-deserved reputation. The TDX series offers outstand..


Jarvis Walker Stubbie 4ft Boat Rod

The solid glass Stubbie rod is just that, solid! This no-nonsense fibreglass rod has a tough old-sch..


Penn Conflict XR Tuna Rods

The PENN Conflict XR Tuna is an excellent series of rods designed for trolling and drifting.These ro..


Penn Prevail III LE Bass Rod 11ft6 2-4oz 2pc

The Penn Prevail III LE Bass Rod is a modern take on the classic surf bass rod that delivers the per..


Penn Regiment 3 Boat Rods

PENN Regiment III Boat RodThe Regiment III Boat rods are incorporating the fantastic SLS3 blank asse..


Penn Warfare Trolling Light Boat Rods

The Penn Warfare Trolling rod is a solid and reliable entry-level rod.Designed for trolling or live ..


Penn Wrath Boat rods

The PENN Wrath Boat rods are available in two weight classes:20-30lb and 30-50lb.The rods are equipp..


Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gold Tuff Boat Rods

The most popular trolling rod has now been updated – say hello to the new Ugly Stik Gold Tuff!For ye..


Abu Garcia Altum Trolling Boat Rod

The Altum Trolling rod range is designed to be a reliable and strong rod. Very strong HSC blank, a h..


Daiwa Kenzaki Boat Rods

Whilst the original Super Kenzaki rods were the first ever equal length, two section boat rods, the ..


Daiwa Tournament Boat Rods

These rods are incredibly versatile It can be used for fishing for Bass on shallow reefs to targeti..


Dennett Enforcer 5ft Boat Rod

An excellent rod for those anglers who enjoy getting the most out of a fight with their quarry. The ..


Kinetic Brutalis FS Boat Rods

Ultratough and dependable, count on Kinetic Brutalis FS for season after season of bringing in the b..


Kinetic Powercore Boat Rods

The Kinetic PowerCore CC is versatile, constructed to last, and economically priced. The 2-sections ..


Shakespeare Firebird Boat Rod and Reel Combo

The firebird Combos are perfect for anglers looking for a reliable product without breaking the bank..