Headlight's, Torches, etc.

Headlight's, Torches, etc.

We stock Headlights and torches from Led lenser, Tronix, Behr, Grauvell ect. Everything from cree headlights to top of the range torches.

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Led Lenser HF6R Headlight

The Ledlenser HF6R Core is our intuitive-to-use, slim headlamp for regular hiking and more ambitious..


Led Lenser HF8R Core Headlight

The Ledlenser HF8R Core is an adaptive powerhouse to be reckoned with. The highlight: Our Adaptive L..


Led Lenser H5 Core Headlight

The H5 Core is a compact, easy-to-use headlamp featuring a focusable light beam that has continuous..


Led Lenser SH-Pro100 Headlight

The Ledlenser SH-PRO 100 LED Head Torch produces a bright white light with dimming feature. It has 2..