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A Jensen Guide Fly Boxes

This series of boxes is based on the idea, that you should be able to see the flies in the box, so t..


Greys Slim Waterproof Fly Boxes

Keep your best fish-catching flies close at hand with these high-quality, floating fly boxes.The sli..


Kinetic Waterproof Fly Boxes

Our designers have listened to the demands of experienced fly fishermen, and designed this double si..


Airflo Restore Fly Restorer

Airflo Restore is perfect for restoring waterlogged flies to a pristine condition. Simply drop the ..


Frankie Mcphillips Trout Fly Selection

20 Frankie Mcphillips Trout FlysThe best flies available on the market for wild Irish trout.Select f..


Wychwood Vuefinder Competition Flybox

Double sided Slot Foam.Wychwood Vuefinder Competition Fly Boxes with double slot foam. Along with a..