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Metz Half Neck Grade 3

Metz Cock Necks are characterized by very high quality and a large number of feathers with stiff fib..


FAP Goose Biots

Goose is a highly versatile fly tying materials. Goose biots are used by the fly tyer to make fantas..


Turrall Mallard Flank

Slips of flank are used for wings on classic Salmon flies, Wet flies and as substitute for wood duck..


Turrall Teal Flank

The classic soft, strongly barred feather used for producing wings of classic Salmon flies and Wet f..


Veniard Cock Pheasant Blue Neck Feathers

Soft, short feathers harvested from the neck of a cock pheasant ideal for adding some life to sea tr..


Veniard Cock Pheasant Center Tails

Used for herl bodies, wing cases, tails etc. These feathers have endless uses. The only feather on t..


Veniard French Partridge Hackles 2g

The wonderful barred feather from just below the wing...


Veniard Goose Biots

Great for cheeks on buzzers. Available as individual dyed colours or mixed assorted colours or mixed..


Veniard Hen Mallard Flank

Softy Hen Mallard Breast Feathers ideal for tying wings on sedge patterns, etc...


Veniard Hint Of Marabou

These subtle colours, scarcely visible when dry, come to life when wet. Used for flies like the woof..


Veniard Knotted Pheasant Tails

Center tail piece with each fiber double knotted Supplied on the quill..


Veniard Peacock Eye Tops Natural & Dyed

Cut eye top with herl. The herl from the eye on these beautiful feathers is traditionally used on th..


Veniard Peacock Sword Tails Natural

Used mainly for sea trout and salmon flies. Most famously the Alexandra...


Veniard Turkey Marabou

The most popular fly-tying feather in use today. Used in all styles, from salt through to stillwater..