Soft Lure Mixed packs

Soft Lure Mixed packs

Soft Lure Mixed packs

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Savage Gear Academy Perch Kit 32pc

Practice the skills you’ve learnt from our Perch Academy YouTube videos with this awesome kit for pe..


Stanley the Stickleback 5.5cm Mixed Packs

The stickleback is the fatty and protein packed snack of choice for a wide range of toothy predator ..


Westin Ned Worms 7cm Mix Packs

The Westin Ned Worm will conjure up fish on even the slowest days, bringing success when all else fa..


Rooneys Fishing Supplies Wrasse Kits

Includes:3 x #1 Hooks3 x 6g Chebs4 x 2.5 inch Craws (floating)4 x 3.4 inch Craws (floating)4 x 3 inc..


Savage Gear Academy Dropshot Kit 36pc

The perfect kit for perch fishing, with a mix of effective lures, colours and dropshot rig component..


Savage Gear Cannibal Shad Kit 36pc

The perfect mix of sizes and colours of the super-effective Cannibal Shad, as well as appropriate ji..


Westin Swimming Worm 13cm Mixed Packs

Imagine if you could combine the effectiveness of a paddle tail into a curl tail bait? The Swimming ..


Abu Garcia Svartzonker McPerch Shad Mix 8 pack

This kit represents the best-of the Svartzonker McPerch Shad! Both the 75mm and 90mm are includ..


Berkley Powerbait Carolina Rig Pro Pack

Popularity of the Carolina Rig has increased exponentially. This kit was designed and developed by e..


Berkley Powerbait Powerpack Dropshot Kit

Berkley Powerbait Pro Pack Drop Shot- Complete pack for drop shotting- 10 soft baits in different co..


Rooneys Fishing Supplies 2 inch Shrimp

2inch 1.2gram shrimpA smaller version of our 3.4inch shrimp as requested by a lot of anglers fo..


Rooneys Fishing Supplies mixed 3 inch paddletails

Length - 3 inchWeight - 4gExcellent for Perch and Wrasse6 mixed colours per pack..


Savage Gear Carolina Kit

Extra Small :12 x Cannibal Shad (5,5cm)4 x Cannibal Shad curltail (6,4cm)2 x Ball Jigheads (#2 – 2,5..


Savage Gear Gobster Shad Mixed Packs 7.5cm

A flat profile shad with a truly captivating swimming action – this cute little goby can cause a lot..


Savage Gear Gravity Stick Paddle Tail 14cm -17%

Savage Gear Gravity Stick Paddle Tail 14cm

The Savage Gear Gravity Stick is a slim-profile, long-casting range of soft lures with a high speci..

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