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LRF Rods

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Abu Garcia Hornet Stinger Spinning Rods -43%

Abu Garcia Hornet Stinger Spinning Rods

Two options.6'5ft Medium Light6'7ft Ultra Light"HORNET STINGER" is quite famous in Japan, because "..

149.99€ 85.00€

HTO Rockfish 2

Revamped for 2016 the hugely popular Rockfish Ultralight has new styling and stainless K s..


HTO Rockfish Revolution 2

As with our entry level Rockfish rods our Revolutions have been upgrade for 2016 with new black Fuji..


HTO Rockfish Tubular Rods

The Rockfish T rod series is built to the same superb standard as the original Rockfish range, and f..


Shakespeare Agility LRF Rods

In recognition of the burst in popularity of the LRF style here in the UK, Shakespeare have introduc..