Carp Rigs and Accessories

Carp Rigs and Accessories

Carp Rigs and Accessories

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Behr Anti-Tangle Booms Camo

Length - 10cm or 7cmQuantity - 3pcsColour - CamoCan be used for coarse, Pike or Sea fishing..


Drennan Carp Feeder Hair Rigs

 Carp Feeder Hair Rigs are convenient, pre-tied hook lengths com­plete with a hair-rig and are..


Drennan Method Hair rigs

Extra strong pattern ideal for the method feeder. Their special shaped bend and offset point reduce..


Drennan Push Stop Hair Rigs

Carp Match Push Stop Hair rigs are perfect for fishing pellets, meat, sweetcorn and small boilies o..


Drennan Pushstop Pusher

The Drennan Push stop Pusher is designed to fit the Drennan Push stops. Once incorporated ont..


Drennan Ultra Fine Bait Needle

The ultra-fine baiting needle has a really slim carbon steel shaft & sharp needle point. this m..


Fox Arma Mesh System - 22mm

Quite simply one of the biggest advancements in hookbait systems ever, Arma Mesh is available on 7m ..


Fox PVA Mesh Refills - Fine

6 meter spools of fine PVA mesh designed to be used with the ever popular Fox PVA Mesh SystemAvailab..


Fox PVA Mesh Systems - 35mm

Fox PVA is the very highest quality and is supplied on a 10m Funnel and Plunger System at a price fo..


JRC Radar C4 Bite Alarm

Providing superb bite indication even in harsh weather conditions, this range offers a design that i..


SPRO Anti-Tangle Chrome Booms 4cm

Strong, sturdy 4cm Chrome anti-tangle booms. 2pcs per pack...


Fox Coretex Carp Rigs (gravelly brown)

Available in sizes 4, 6 and 8All rigs are 10ins in lengthAll rigs feature Arma Point hookAvailable i..


Grauvell Vorteks Allround Carp Rig (2 pack)

2 per packAvailable in sizes 2, 4, and 620lb braided linebarbed hooks..