Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

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Kinetic Surf Kit

This unique surf fishing kit contains six classic end tackle parts for surf fishing. Make the most p..


Kinetic Weighted Swivels

Give your set up a twist adding a weighted swivel. You can use this swivel in many ways. You can eve..


Behr Anti-Tangle Booms Camo

Length - 10cm or 7cmQuantity - 3pcsColour - CamoCan be used for coarse, Pike or Sea fishing..


Breakaway Adjustable Crimps

Key features:Crimps with a soft silicone liningCrimps designed not to damage your linePerfect for se..


Breakaway Escape Links

Escape clips are the rough ground link with built in overload adjustable limit. A safe casting lead ..


Breakaway Proper Pully

New clips to make pulley rigs. The fully radiused block eliminates line kinks and allows easy slidi..


Cox and Rawle 8 Inch Boom

Constructed out of high grade plactic in the UKCut tubing to desired length to suit your preference&..


Gemini Genie Rig Clips

Gemini Rig Clips15 per packSame as the rig link but with a bait clipThe best link available for ..


Gemini Reflective Tip-Tape

 Reflective Tape for sticking onto Rods, Tripods, etc. 200mm x 40mm..


Gemini Splash Downs NEW

A revolutionary bait clip that will not only clip your baited hook behind the sinker, but lock it i..


Gemini Swivel and Link Clips

80lb class Gemini swivel with a rig link connected. Use as you would a traditional link swivel for ..


Hayabusa 2 way Beads

Hayabusa 2 way BeadsSizes available - small = 20 piecesmedium = 18 piecesHole is large, easy..


Seatech 5mm Crimps

Super soft copper trace crimps for all trace work5mm / 8mm100 per pack..