Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

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Kinetic Ball Bearing Swivels

Probably the strongest type of swivel on the market. Low friction and very high rotation even under ..


Kinetic Crane Swivels with Dual Snaps

Probably the most used swivel with snap. Really reliable and efficient. Can be used for all kind of ..


Kinetic Surf Kit

This unique surf fishing kit contains six classic end tackle parts for surf fishing. Make the most p..


Kinetic Weighted Swivels

Give your set up a twist adding a weighted swivel. You can use this swivel in many ways. You can eve..


Behr Anti-Tangle Booms Camo

Length - 10cm or 7cmQuantity - 3pcsColour - CamoCan be used for coarse, Pike or Sea fishing..


Breakaway Adjustable Crimps

Key features:Crimps with a soft silicone liningCrimps designed not to damage your linePerfect for se..


Breakaway Escape Links

Escape clips are the rough ground link with built in overload adjustable limit. A safe casting lead ..


Breakaway Proper Pully

New clips to make pulley rigs. The fully radiused block eliminates line kinks and allows easy slidi..


Breakaway Spinlink Clips

Quick change link for tackle up to 35lbSpinlinks are a smaller version of the fastlink but beca..


Cox and Rawle 8 Inch Boom

Constructed out of high grade plactic in the UKCut tubing to desired length to suit your preference&..


Gemini Genie Rig Clips

Gemini Rig Clips15 per packSame as the rig link but with a bait clipThe best link available for ..


Gemini Reflective Tip-Tape

 Reflective Tape for sticking onto Rods, Tripods, etc. 200mm x 40mm..


Gemini Splash Downs NEW

A revolutionary bait clip that will not only clip your baited hook behind the sinker, but lock it i..