Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

Swivels, Crimps, Lead links, ect

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Kinetic Ball Bearing Swivels

Probably the strongest type of swivel on the market. Low friction and very high rotation even under ..


Kinetic Surf Kit

This unique surf fishing kit contains six classic end tackle parts for surf fishing. Make the most p..


Shamrock Pro-Rig Boat Booms

Quality Boat Booms from Shamrock2 per packAvailable in 10 inch and 8 inch..


Tronix Pro Continental Clip

With the recent growth in continental style fishing, the demand for smaller lighter rig components h..


Tronix Pro Crimp Swivels

Quick and easy way to form snood swivels coming off the main rig body.Features a long crimp that has..


Tronix Pro Crimps

Available in:Large > 0.9mmMedium > 0.7mmSmall > 0.5mmPack of 100 crimps..


TronixPro Cascade Swivels

10 per packA fantastic small and neat combined swivel and bait clip which has revolutionised the tyi..


TronixPro SS2 Swivels

 Made from the latest swivel technology featuring marine grade 100% stainless steel.Hard wearin..


Breakaway Adjustable Crimps

Key features:Crimps with a soft silicone liningCrimps designed not to damage your linePerfect for se..


Breakaway Escape Links

Escape clips are the rough ground link with built in overload adjustable limit. A safe casting lead ..


Breakaway Fastlink Clips

Fastlink clips are our most popular quick change link or lead clips. Safe and strong for the most p..


Breakaway IMPS 10 pack

10 per packThe Imp is a clever little devil, and thats just what it is, a small neat bait clip&..


Breakaway Spinlink Clips

Quick change link for tackle up to 35lbSpinlinks are a smaller version of the fastlink but beca..


Breakaway Swivel Tee's

10 per packSwivel tees are the modern day three way swivel that stops snood lengths becomming tangle..