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Sea Rigs

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Cox and Rawle 8" Boom

Constructed out of high grade plactic in the UKCut tubing to desired length to suit your preference&..


Delta Lumi Glo Flounder Spoon Rig

Delta Lumi Glo Flounder Spoon RigGlow in the dark attractor spoon with hook-length to size 2 longsha..


Fishzone 1 Hook flat fish rig

1 Hook flat fish rigProfessionally tied ready made rigs designed by expert anglers. Mainline- 60lbH..


Greys 3 Hook Clipped Loop Rig

Greys 3 Hook Clipped RigClipped down three hook beach rig for maximum casting distanceDesigned to b..


Leeda Flattie Rig

Hook Size: 2Hook length: 20lbRig Body: 60lb..


SeaTech 2 Hook Flapper Rigs

SeaTech 2 hook Flapper RigAvailable in sizes 1, 1/0 and 2/0Ideal rig for everything from flatfish to..


SeaTech 2 hook Portsmouth Loop Rig

SeaTech 2 hook Portsmouth Loop RigIdeal for achieving maximum distance Hook size – size 1 or 2/0 abe..


SeaTech Pully Pennel Rig

SeaTech Pully Pennel RigDesigned for fishing for big fish in rough ground, It is also an excellent r..


SeaTech Rottom Bottom Rig

SeaTech Rottom Bottom RigPennel hooksIdeal for targeting bigger fish in rough ground.Designed with a..


Shakespeare Salt 3 Hook Flapper Rig

Shakespeare Salt 3 Hook Flapper RigMost popular allround rig for general fish. Used at close to ..


Shakespeare Salt Baited Spoon Rig

The Salt Baited Spoon Rig features a fluttering attractor spoon that is ideal for targeting plaice, ..


Shakespeare Salt Pully Rig

Ideal for targeting cod, bass and most rock dwelling species at close, medium or long range.Rig body..


Shakespeare Salt Sea Float Kit

A versatile selection of sea float kits.These kits include Float, Weight, Bead, Swivel and HookChoos..


Shakespeare Salt Two Hook Rig

Shakespeare Salt Two Hook RigHook size - 2Mainline - 60lb..


Sidewinder Heavy U-Boom Trace

These ever popular boat booms rigs are ideal these great all round boat rigs with extra long ny..