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Accessories and Tool's


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Yuki Baiting Tools

Yuki Baiting Tools for neat presentation of baitsCan be used on single baits or when making a cockta..


Breakaway Cannon

For accuracy and distance the most important element of your cast is holding down the line until the..


Daiwa Handy Towel

Ideal size to keep in your tackle bagPerfect to dry your hands when they get wet and slimyUse it to ..


Daiwa Sea Seat Box and Ruck Converter

Designed for the shore and boat angler with a deep base, this box also features top tier tackle box..


ECG Finger Stall

These ECG Soft Leather Finger Stalls are ideal for the Angler who is repeatedly long range casting...


Fox Rage Crimping Pliers

The Fox Rage 6in Crimping Pliers are finished in a scratch and rust resistant matt black nickel with..


Fox Rage Split Ring Pliers

When you have to change a treble hook on your bait this is the tool you must have. These are the ori..


Grauvell Neoprene Finger Stall

This neoprene finger stall is designed for finger protection during powerful casting.It is highly re..


Inova Bait Binder

The INOVA Bait Binder is one of the most sought after angling accessories in recent years. This new..


Inova Bait Binder Refill

Refill for the Inova bait binder. The Bait Binder is a quality product and it’s vital for any bait ..


Mighty Brighty Reflective Tip Tape

 Mighty Bright is the first coloured reflective tape available to anglers, you can choose from ..


MK4 Tip Lights

Whilst out fishing on the beach in the dark of night, a keen fisherman wondered how he could manage..


Mustad 4 '' Bait Knife with Sheath

Mustad 4 '' Bait Knife with SheathTeflon coated universal blade made of 420 Japan-steel...


Mustad Braid Scissors

These Mustad Braid Scissors are ideal for cutting braided line as well as mono and fluorocarbon. The..