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LRF Rods

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HTO Rockfish 19 LRF Rods

The original Rockfish range was one of our most successful rod launches, the first range of rods de..


Shakespeare Agility 2 HRF Rod

The Shakespeare Agility 2 HRF rods are designed specifically for heavy rock styles of fishing and ha..


Shakespeare Agility LRF Rods -3%

Shakespeare Agility LRF Rods

In recognition of the burst in popularity of the LRF style here in the UK, Shakespeare have introdu..

39.99€ 38.99€

Westin W3 Street Stick Ultra Light Rods

Get ready for a fishing rod that could become essential as an urban accessory, the latest sneakers ..


Ron Thompson Egi Master Jigging Rods -27%

Ron Thompson Egi Master Jigging Rods

The R.T. Egi Master rods, give you the light range rods that will suit any Light range fishing you ..

47.99€ 35.00€

Shimano Forcemaster Trout Area Rod

The Forcemaster Trout Area is developed to offer an entry level rod for trout area fishing. The rods..