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Coarse Rods

Coarse Rods

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Leeda Concept GT Feeder Rods

Feeder fishing is an extremely popular way to catch coarse fish. The Leeda Concept GT Feeder is the ..


Daiwa N'zon Feeder Rods

Possibly the best ever feeder rods we have designed at this price point, the N’ZON S has reset the ..


Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rods

The Ninja feeder rods serve the commercial and wild water angler alike.Available in four length..


Daiwa Spare Carbon Feeder Tips (Yank and Bank)

Interchangeable, Full Carbon tips to suit a range of rods on the market today..


Drennan Red Range Method Feeder/Pellet Waggler Combo

Combination rods that are required to perform two very different jobs are often a poor compromise, ..


Leeda Concept GT 12ft Power Feeder

Made from High modulus carbon, the Concept GT 12ft Power Feeder rod has a moderate through action, w..


Leeda Concept GT Waggler Rods

This range has one specific purpose – provide anglers with an open to start/continue float fishing w..


Daiwa Ninja Match Rods

This quartet of float rods offers the pleasure and match angler access to rods for virtually any fl..


Drennan Red Range Method Feeder Rods

This excellent 11ft (3.3m) Method Feeder rod is equipped with 3oz and 4oz glass quivertips. These t..


Drennan Red Range Pellet Waggler Rods

At just 11ft this great little Pellet Waggler rod is ideal for all small commercial waters. Its lig..


Greys Prodigy TXL Specialist Feeder Rods

With improved build quality over their TX predecessors, these rods have enough power to bully fish ..


Mitchell Avocet R Feeder Rods

The Mitchell Avocet Feeder Rods are fantastic rods for the price with exceptional vision and ca..


Mitchell Tanager Feeder Rods

Mitchell know-how at a great price. The Tanager Feeder Quiver Rods balance great value with a great..


Shakespeare Agility 2 Pellet Waggler Rods -18%

Shakespeare Agility 2 Pellet Waggler Rods

High quality blanks and component spec takes the Agility range of rods to another level! The high mo..

85.00€ 69.99€

Shakespeare Agility Continental Feeder Rod -17%

Shakespeare Agility Continental Feeder Rod

Shakespeare Agility Continental Feeder rods really come into their own when making long casts with ..

90.00€ 75.00€