Trace Making, Treble's, Wire, Crimps,etc

Trace Making, Treble's, Wire, Crimps,etc

Trace Making, Treble's, Wire, Crimps,etc

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Gamakatsu 13B Treble Hooks

Gamakatsu Treble Hooks 13BGamakatsu’s most popular treble hook for lures.Perfect for replacing hooks..


Owner ST-36BC Treble Hooks

At Owner they have devoted nearly two decades of effort in developing a line of high quality, h..


Owner ST-66TN Treble Hooks -54%

Owner ST-66TN Treble Hooks

4X strong, these are a beast of a treble hook! Considered an automatic upgrade for virtually any fac..

12.99€ 5.99€

Owner STBL36 BC Barbless Treble Hooks

Barbless version of the ST36BC. Ideal for replacing hooks on small trout luresAt Owner they have dev..


Owner STD-36BC Double Hooks

Owner have devoted nearly two decades of effort in developing a range of high quality, high perform..


Westin W Treble Hooks 1X-BN

Westin's high quality, super sharp trebles, available in packs to use with all your lures and traces..


Allcock Alasticum Wire 29lb

Alasticum has long been a favourite trace wire of many pike anglers. It has other uses including as ..


Cox and Rawle Trace Wire

Nylon-coated, 19-strand stainless steel wire, designed to be either knotted or crimped. Low stretch ..


Drennan ESOX 7 Strand Pike Wire

The original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire that has helped land thousands of pike since it'..


Drennan ESOX Green Pike Wire

15m spoolExtra smoothKink resistantSubtle camouflage coating..


Drennan ESOX Soft Strand Pike Wire

Micro filaments of stainless steel woven into an extra strong and ultra fine braid. It is so supple..


Drennan ESOX Super Trace Pike Wire

The core is woven from seven strands of ultra-fine, stainless steel filaments with improved strengt..


Premier Deadbait Sticks 4 pack

4 per pack2 x 10cm2 x 11cmcolour - brown ..


SureCatch Twist and Melt wire

The amazing hot melt trace allows anglers to tie wire by simply striking a match or cigarette lighte..