Trace Making, Wire, Crimps, ect

Trace Making, Wire, Crimps, ect

Trace Making, Wire, Crimps, ect

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Owner ST-36BC Treble Hooks

At Owner they have devoted nearly two decades of effort in developing a line of high quality, h..


Berkley Cross-Lok Mc Mahon Snap Swivels

DetailsThis niche range of products are perfect for ease of use whether your fresh or saltwater angl..


Berkley Mc Mahon Swivels

Exceptionally strong, rust proof, brass plated swivels with a non flash black finish.Size 14 / 25lbs..


Cox and Rawle Trace Wire

Nylon-coated, 19-strand stainless steel wire, designed to be either knotted or crimped. Low stretch ..


Daiwa Prorex Snaps

The Prorex snap swivels are made out of extra thick and strong „Stainless Steel“ and feature an extr..


Daiwa Prorex Titanium Wire 50lb

Titanium leader material is highly resistant to kinking. Thus it is distinctly more durable than usu..


Drennan E-SOX Slim Crimps

Drennan Slim Crimps are designed for use with 7 strand wire.One of the strongest methods of assembli..


Drennan ESOX Super Trace Pike Wire 34lb

The core is woven from seven strands of ultra-fine, stainless steel filaments with improved strengt..


Drennan Run Rings

Drennan Run Rings·         Four green and brown per packet·..


Fox Rage 49 Strand Wire 10m

There's nothing worse than tying a new trace, only to have a tiny jack pike take your bait and ruin ..


Fox Rage Predator Bait Poppers (Large)

Fox Rage Predator Bait Poppers,Designed for popping up both live and deadbaits. These buoyant foam p..


Fox Rage Predator X-Strong Trebles

These trebles are not only sticky sharp, but they also have the strength to go with it! If you requi..


Fox Rage Sure Fit Snap Swivels

Locks securelySupports the motion of the baitUnique, centred guiding stubEnsures your line and leade..


Fox XS Carbon Treble Hooks (Semi-Barbed)

If you are looking for the ultimate treble hook for Pike fishing, look no further than the Fox Preda..


Gamakatsu Treble Hooks 13B

Gamakatsu Treble Hooks 13BGamakatsu’s most popular treble hook for lures.Perfect for replacing hooks..