Pike Traces

Pike Traces

Pike Traces

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Drennan Pike Bait Trace

E-Sox Bait Traces are ideal for all live and deadbait presentations. Each trace is 46cm (18in) long..


Drennan Snap Tackle Barbed Pike Trace

Drennan Snap Tackle Barbed E-Sox Snap Tackle wire traces are ideal for all live and deadbait presen..


5 Pike Spinning Traces

Green Coated Pike Spinning Traces.5 per pack Available in 15cm, 22cm and 30cmExcellent value .30c pe..


Allcock Barbed Snap Tackle

Premium quality snap tackle, two barbed trebles of same size with a wire trace and end swivel for ea..


Allcock Trolling Rig

This trolling rig has a 12 gram head weight and body cavity spring to present your bait precisely. ..


Allcock Weighted Trout Spinning Mount

Weighted spinner mounts for trolling for early trout, The blades allow the bait to spin while taking..


Behr Titanium Traces

Very high quality Solid Titanium Traces Length- 25cm2 Traces per packAvailable in 10.5kg and 15..


Berkley Steelon Wire Wound Leaders 30lb

Hand wound, nylon coated stainless steel wireFeatures super strong, wire-over-wire, #7 size Cro..


Daiwa ProRex Fluorocarbon Leaders

Strong and abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon leader. Equipped with extra strong Prorex swivels and sna..


Dennett Snap tackle

Long life kink resistant snap tackle. A wire trace plus two treble hooks of same size connected toge..


Fox Rage Paternoster 49 strand Deadbait Rig

It has been constructed using our 49-strand steel wire and Powerpoint treble hooks. Perfect for..


Greys Prowla 360 Rotary Paternoster Boom

The Prowla 360 degree Rotary Paternoster Boom is simply a revolution in predator fishing! It allows..


Savage Gear Blood 49 Trace (30cm > 11kg)

Ultra strong, soft and flexible 49 strand stainless steel wire, coated with a strong carbon co-polym..


Savage Gear Last Meter Black7 Trace

Ultra-strong 7 strand stainless steel wire, coated with a strong black copolymer, for superb abrasio..


Savage Gear Last Meter Corkscrews

Perfectly designed Corkscrews, covering all sizes of softlures, from small to big perfect for spin s..