Pike Traces

Pike Traces

Pike Traces

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Allcock Barbed Snap Tackle

Premium quality snap tackle, two barbed trebles of same size with a wire trace and end swivel for ea..


Drennan Pike Bait Trace

E-Sox Bait Traces are ideal for all live and deadbait presentations. Each trace is 46cm (18in) long..


Drennan Snap Tackle Barbed Pike Trace

Drennan Snap Tackle Barbed E-Sox Snap Tackle wire traces are ideal for all live and deadbait presen..


Kilty Deadbait Snap Tackle

Kilty Deadbait Snap Tackle30cm long snap tackle with 2 treble hooks12kg wire..


Allcock Weighted Trout Spinning Mount

Weighted spinner mounts for trolling for early trout, The blades allow the bait to spin while taking..


Balzer Deadbait Sticks

These Deadbait Sticks are very usefull to make all kinds of Pop-up systems. Balance your baitfish t..


Behr Red Deadbait Sticks

Deadbait sticks used to pop up deadbait’sNew design using flexible foam4 per pack1 x 11cm1 x 9cm1 x ..