Lure-Clips, Weedless Hooks, Jig-heads, Split Rings, etc

Lure-Clips, Weedless Hooks, Jig-heads, Split Rings, etc

Weedless Hooks, Jigheads, etc

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Fiiish Black Minnow Heads

Designed to fit with their amazing bodies, these are available in a variety of sizes to match the di..


Fiiish Black Minnow Hooks

Fiiish Premium VMC Krog Hooks are designed to be used with the Black Minnow lures and Fiiish Jig Hea..


Gamakatsu Single Hooks LS-3423F

Gamakatsu LS-3423F Single Hooks are specially made to replace treble hooks on hard lures, they are ..


Kinetic Anti-Kink Sinker 50g

This great little invention will prevent a lot of twisted and tangled lines, diminished breaking str..


Kinetic Stainless Steel Split Rings

You can’t live without them. Most lures will befit from using split rings. In the Kinetic assortment..


Kinetic Weighted Swivels

Give your set up a twist adding a weighted swivel. You can use this swivel in many ways. You can eve..


Owner ST-36BC Treble Hooks

At Owner they have devoted nearly two decades of effort in developing a line of high quality, h..


Owner ST-66TN Treble Hooks -54%

Owner ST-66TN Treble Hooks

4X strong, these are a beast of a treble hook! Considered an automatic upgrade for virtually any fac..

12.99€ 5.99€

Owner STBL36 BC Barbless Treble Hooks

Barbless version of the ST36BC. Ideal for replacing hooks on small trout luresAt Owner they have dev..


Savage Gear 6/0 Weedless Corkscrew Hooks

Savage Gear 6/0 Weedless Corkscrew hooksSpecial soft bait hooksDesigned to be used with the Gravity ..


Berkley Fusion Bullet Weights

The Berkley Fusion bullet weight is a drilled bullet shaped sinker designed to allow you to fish yo..


Gamakatsu Superline SpringLock Weedless Hooks

The new Superline Spring Lock is based on the proven Superline EWG. The Spring Lock features a ..


Savage Gear Bloody Assist Hooks

Our Single assist hook range is specially designed to fit perfectly our needle jig and Slim Jig min..


Savage Gear Sandeel Jig Heads

Options:- Hook size: 3/0- Weight: 16g -Hook size: 3/0-Weight: 22g..


Sakura Anneaux Brises Split Rings

Solid Split Rings forged from stainless steelAvailable in:4mm - 4kg4.5mm - 5kg5mm - 8kg6mm - 12kg7mm..