Pike Lure Traces, Stringer Rigs, Corkscrews etc.

Pike Lure Traces, Stringer Rigs, Corkscrews etc.

Pike Lure Traces, Stringer Rigs, Corkscrews etc.

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Kinetic Anti-Kink Sinker 50g

This great little invention will prevent a lot of twisted and tangled lines, diminished breaking str..


Kinetic Single Stingers

Mount the stinger on your normal jig head or use it in combination with a screw-in jig head. We have..


Kinetic Weighted Swivels

Give your set up a twist adding a weighted swivel. You can use this swivel in many ways. You can eve..


Berkley Fusion19 Steel Pike Leader

High quality steel leader for casting and trolling for those monster pike. Equipped with super stro..


Dam Effzett Coated Core 49 Strand Leaders

Extremely soft, strong and flexible 7x7 (49 strand) brown coated stainless steel trace that has a s..


Dam Effzett Coated Core 7 Strand Leaders

Incredibly strong and flexible 7 strand black coated stainless steel trace that has a special c..


Dam Effzett Kink-Free Titanium Leaders

High quality kink-free single strand titanium leader, double crimped secure strength, equipped with..


Dam Effzett Mono Spinning Leaders

The EFFZETT Mono Spin Leader is made of highly abrasion resistant clear monofilament line and compl..


Traper Wolfram Leaders

Wolfram leaders made of ultra thin fibres braided into a dense line. Aimed for lure fishing with li..


Berkley Steelon Wire Wound Leaders 30lb

Hand wound, nylon coated stainless steel wireFeatures super strong, wire-over-wire, #7 size Cro..


Spro Stainless Steel Wire Leaders

Ultra-soft stainless steel camouflage brown 1×7 wire with coating. This leader material is very abra..


Daiwa ProRex Fluorocarbon Leaders

Strong and abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon leader. Equipped with extra strong Prorex swivels and sna..


Spro Fluorocarbon Leaders

Very high worthy ‘hi-flex’ and nearly invisible fluorocarbon leaders. Ideal for trolling with large..


Behr Titanium Traces

Very high quality Solid Titanium Traces Length- 25cm2 Traces per packAvailable in 10.5kg and 15..


Abu Garcia Svartzonker Stingers

Nylon coated S/S stingers for the soft Svartzonker lures. Blister packed with two stingers and one ..