Perch and Trout Hard Lures

Perch and Trout Hard Lures

Perch, Trout  Hard Lures

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Palms Alexandra AX-70HW Trout Lures

Alexandra this is flat twitching minnow that had a great influence on its innovative concept and fo..


Palms Thumb Shad 45sp Trout Lures

The original model is Sam Shad, which started as a balsa lure more than 10 years ago. It came to li..


Smith D-Contact 85 Sinking Trout Lures

"D-CONTACT" has already gained high support as a heavy sinking minnow for mountain streams. The D-C..


Smith Panish Trout Area 70F Trout Lures

A long-awaited area-only version has appeared in the pany that has been supported by the overwhelmi..


Daiwa Prorex Flat Minnow 50SS

The Flat Minnow 50SS (slow-sinking) is a really exceptional lure for fishing for perch, trout and ch..


Rapala Scatter Rap Series Countdown 7cm

Baitfish skitter and scatter when they are pursued by predators – it's this erratic and evasive acti..


Rapala Shadow Rap 07

The Shadow Rap® combines a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade that perfectly mimics a minnow ..


Shimano Cardiff Roll Swimmer (Color 60T)

The Japanese engineer, Hajime Murata, is famous for having created many very efficient waves. One of..


Shimano Cardiff Slim Swimmer (Colour 68T)

The Slim Swimmer by Shimano is a spoon by Trout Area, designed and designed by maestro Hajime Murata..


Smith Salana Surana 110F

The three concepts of "Salana" are SALtation (jumping), RUmmage (searching) and NAvigation (navigat..


Storm Slo-Run Hypno Grub 2 -38%

Storm Slo-Run Hypno Grub 2

With its unique bulbous tail, the So-Run Hypno Grub kicks into a hypnotic motion as soon as it hits ..

8.00€ 5.00€

Tasmanian Devils 13.5g

The Tasmanian Devil or "Tassie Devil" as it is more affectionately known, was born in 1979The Lure c..


Tacklehouse Buffet Doras 46mm 6g  -20%

Tacklehouse Buffet Doras 46mm 6g

colour 113 (ts1)Japanese Trout Lure 46mm 6grams ..

19.99€ 15.99€

Tacklehouse Buffet Doras 46mm 6g  -20%

Tacklehouse Buffet Doras 46mm 6g

Colour 115 (Yamame) 46mm 6gramJapanese Trout Lure  ..

19.99€ 15.99€

Tacklehouse Buffet Mute 75mm 7g -21%

Tacklehouse Buffet Mute 75mm 7g

colour silver/green (no1)Japanese sinking lure 75mm 7gram ..

18.99€ 14.99€