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LRF lures

LRF lures

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Biwaa Divinators (Wtrml Red) 8per pack

BIWAA - Divinators (Wtrml Red) 8per pack high Performance Paddle Tail ShaadDeveloped by Biwaa an..


HTO Mace 7.5cm

6 COLOUR OPTIONSThe Mace is a more experimental design that has worked well in the testing stages. F..


Sakura Slit Shad Evo Mix Packs

This new EVO version is based on the best sellers of the original Slit Shad, based on their efficie..


Savage Gear - mini sandeel kit 25 pcs

Savage Gear -  mini sandeel kit 25 pcsSandeel 45mm Slug 55mm Jig Head 3g#8 Salted ..


Behr Drop Shot Minnow NO 2

Behr -Trendex Soft Bait (Drop Shot Minnow) 5cm / 5 Per PackThe new super soft minnow can be used..