Shock Leader / Tapered lines

Shock Leader / Tapered lines

Shock Leader / Tapered lines

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Asso Tapered Shock Leaders

Asso Tapered Shock Leaders 5x15 are tapered shock leaders designed to achieve longer casts and at t..


Drennan Greased Weasel - Grey Shock Leader 40m

Drennan Greased Weasel Shock Leader 40m  Greased Weasel Shock Leader is available on 40m spools..


Gamakatsu G-Line Shock Leader

Through a special manufacturing technique different co-polymer nylon materials bond together, achiev..


Yuki Otto Tapered Leaders

High quality tapered leaders from Yuki CompetitionVery strong for diameter 10 x 15m Leaders per spoo..


Grauvell Vertix Surf Tapered Line

Grauvell Vertix Surf Tapered Line 220 metersAvailable in 4 sizes.22 to .57.24 to .57.26 to .57...


Berkley Trilene Big Game Flurocarbon 100m

Specialist flurocarbon rig line which has been formulated for use as hook length or rig bodies...


Berkley Trilene Big Game Shock Leader 50m

This special mono is the most popular big game leader material in the world. A combination of tough..


Daiwa Tapered Shock Leaders

13m long and made from extra strong mono with high impact shock resistance.Excellent tapered shock ..


Yuki invisible rig body/shock leader

Crystal clear shock leader from Yuki, Ideal for rig bodies and shock leaders. Supplied in..


Cinnetic Skyleader Tapered Line

The conical line SKY LEADER is born as a result of the union between the line SKY LINE and the high ..


Ultima Enigma Silt 60m

Ultima Enigma Super Snood has been specifically formulated by Ultima to be both incredibly soft yet ..


Asso Protector Tapered Fishing Line 220m

Asso Protector Tapered Line is a single 220 Meter line which has a built in shock leader. Tapered l..