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Mono / Nylon

Mono / Nylon

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Asso oblivion 15lb .40mm

Asso Oblivion has been specially developed as a hook snood material. Being very soft and supple..


Drennan Float Fish Line

New and improved Drennan Float Fish is ideal for a multitude of float fishing applications. The lat..


Drennan Feeder and Method Mono

This new line from Drennan has been specially coated to give it a slick surface finish.This gives it..


Shimano Catana Spinning Line

A low stretch line, this line has an enhanced casting ability that makes it perfect for the mod..


Sufix Tritanium Clear 4oz Spool

A surf and boat specialty line that offers high strength and abrasion resistance for the toughest fi..


Tubertini T-Surf Yellow Wave -37%

Tubertini T-Surf Yellow Wave

UV and Salt Resistant Extra Long casting Water Repellent Silicone Coated Mono line ..

15.99€ 10.00€

Yuki Koji Double Silicone Line

Double Silicone Japanese hi-tech main-lineUltra-resistant to abrasion 250m spoolsCol..


Asso UltraFlex Clear 50m

Asso UltraFlex has been specially engineered to offer a top qulaity Rig body and Shock leader m..


Grauvell Teklon Gold Hi Tech Line 300m -26%

Grauvell Teklon Gold Hi Tech Line 300m

.16mm - 3.3 KG.18mm - 4.1 KG.20mm - 5.1 KG.22mm - 6.2 KG.25mm - 7.8 KG.30mm - 10.7 KG.4..

16.99€ 12.50€

Maxima Chameleon 100m

No other line can match the strength of Maxima Chameleon. For decades, anglers across the globe have..


Maxima Clear 100m

Maxima Clear fishing line is incredibly strong and easy to handle, yet retains Maxima’s tough, high-..


Maxima UltraGreen 100m

Maxima Ultragreen has been the “go-to” line of serious anglers around the world for decades. Its tra..


Sunset Amnesia 100m Clear

Memory Free Monofilamentideal for Leaders and Traces Shooting and Running Lines for Sea, Coarse and..


Sunset Amnesia 100m Red

Memory free MomofilamentSunset® Amnesia® Memory-Free Shooting Line is the original ''low memory'' mo..


Berkley Trilene XT 270m

270 meters Extra Tough for rough fishing conditions! Our best formula yet is over 45% more..