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Airflo Competitor Flybox

The Airflo competitor fly box is a follow on from the extremely successful Aqua-tec boxes. The comp..


Airflo Restore Fly Restorer

Airflo Restore is perfect for restoring waterlogged flies to a pristine condition. Simply drop the ..


Airflo Slim Jim Fly Boxes

Airflo Slim Jim fly Boxes are the ultimate pocket box for the angler who wants to be on the move bu..


Greys GS Large Fly Box

An addition to the range, a larger design of the GS Fly Box is perfect for holding larger lure type ..


Greys GS Small Slot Fly Box

Greys fly box with small-slotted foam, perfect for small nymphs and dry flies.Olive colourFree swing..


Leeda Profile Fly Box

Designed to offer maximum visibility to anglers with quick access to their flies...


Veniard Magnetic Cork Fly Boxes

magnetic catch system cork fly box with slit foam interior Available in Large and Small ..