Yuki Atlantic Sea Rigs

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Luke and I have spent the last three weeks testing out the new Yuki Atlantic Sea Rigs. These rigs are tied using quality Yuki materials including Yuki Invisible line, Yuki Japanese hooks and continental lead links, all knots are covered with knot covers and each rig comes packed on a free rig winder. They retail between €2 and €3 each, which considering the quality of the materials used is great value.

There are four different models in the range designed for different species. These include:

SSAT01 - General 3 hook rig with 50cm hook-lengths and a bead beside each hook

SSAT02 - 2 hook flatfish rig

SSAT03 - Atlantic sea rig – 1 long snood with a pop-up bead and 2 snoods without beads.

SSAT04 - 1 long hook-length suitable for large fish such as Bass, Ray, Hounds and Gilthead Bream.

While testing the rigs we fished 4 different beaches in Louth, Meath, Dublin and Wicklow.

For the locations we fished, we found the Atlantic sea rig (SSAT03) and the General 3 hook rig (SSAT01) the most suitable. The General 3 hook rig which is available with sizes 4 or 6 Aberdeen hooks would make a very good competition rig for flats, bass, whiting etc, but for pleasure fishing the Atlantic sea rig was perfect for our venues.

The Atlantic sea rigs are tied with strong Chinu hooks, the top hook has a large 15mm floating white bead and it was this hook which caught most of the fish. We had 5 bass over the 4 sessions and surprisingly all 5 were caught on this top hook with the big floating bead! (When I say we had 5 bass, I mean "Lucky Luke" had 5 bass).

We also had a couple of dozen flounder up to near 40cm on the Meath, Louth and Dublin beaches

and Codling, Pollock, Corkwing Wrasse, Bass and Dogfish on the Wicklow beach.

Overall, I would say, when it comes to rigs that catch fish, these Yuki Atlantic Sea Rigs are the best Commercially tied rigs that I have seen so far.