Specimen Spur

Posted by admin 18/02/2023 0 Comment(s) Sea Fishing Reports,

After last week’s fish packed session, the lads set off for North Wexford again on Friday night.

This time they were after quality rather than quantity. With good reports of Spurs on the beaches over the last few weeks hopes were high.

Luke had a good fish on in the first couple of casts, but it let go before he could land it. He then had a doggie, but that was it for a couple of hours. They also fished rods with small baits, but they remained untouched for the session, The lack of small fish is said to be a sign of Spurs around.

Just before they decided to call it a night Luke had a good slackliner which then swam well down the beach to their left, after a good fight they landed a lovely Specimen Spur which measured over 115cm, and they estimated to be around 15lb. The rigs they were using were Pully’s tied with a short length of 30lb Cox and Rawle Rig Trace Wire and Owner Oh Phayao Hooks in a size 5/0 (Both available in links below).

Great to see some decent fish on the east coast in the winter. Hopefully it lasts!