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Carp Rigs and Accessories

Carp Rigs and Accessories

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Avid Wide Load System Micro PVA System

The Avid Pocket Stick System contains everything you need to create PVA bags and sticks.The tube has..


Avid Chod Stopper Beads

These versatile beads make the perfect stopper bead for helicopter rigs, Chod rigs and shocker ..


Avid Heli Buffers

Designed to provide a Buffer between Rig and Lead, to provide a streamlined Helicopter Rig. Has..


Avid Lead Clip Kit

Includes five Lead Clips, matching Tail Rubbers and size 8 swivels. Compatible with Avid Anti T..


Avid Mixed Groove Boilie Stops

A streamlined Boilie Stop formed with a taper to follow boilie hookbaits for maximum camouflage..


Avid QC Lead Clips

Quickly change rigs and setups with this double-ended QC Lead Clip system. Simply tie your main..


Avid Quick Change Ring Swivels

The size 11 Quick Change Ring Swivels are an ideal option for chod rigs, helipcoter presentatio..


Avid Ready Tied Pin Down Leaders Heli/Chod

Many Anglers put their upmost faith in our incredibly popular Pindown Leader. Its unrivaled str..


Avid Ring Swivels

No Chod Rig or helicoptor presentation would be complete without a perfectly formed size 11 Rin..


Avid Shrink Tube

A camouflaged Shrink Tubing material that enables any number of rig presentations...


Avid Solid Bag Stems Short

Designed so you can attach your main line directly to the top of the stem, Bag Stems allow you to p..


Avid Transfer Solid PVA Bag Loading Kit Large

It has all you need to make the very best of PVA solid bags.Contains 20 solid PVA bags10m Transfer P..


Korum Camo Anti-Tangle Sleeves

Provides the optimum boom to help kick your rig away from the lead or feeder. Streamlined rubbe..


Korum Camo Running Rig Kit small

Provides everything required to create the ultimate free flowing set up, with the ultimate in camouf..


Drennan Push Stop Drill

The 1.5mm Pushstop Drill goes with the Drennan Pushstops and Drennan Pushstop Pusher system, produc..