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Spinning Rods

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Daiwa Morethan 85MLM -24%

Daiwa Morethan 85MLM

This is the light all-rounder of the Morethan range. Rated to 30g, it will - like most Japanese styl..

499.99€ 379.99€

Grauvell Teklon Alexia Spin Evo

The Teklon Alexia Spin Evo is the next Generation in rod design for the phenomenally popular Teklon ..


Grauvell Teklon Nano Jelly

After several years of satisfying the spinning fishermen with the Teklon Nano Spin, comes the Teklon..


HTO Nebula Spinning Rods

HTO Nebula is a highly versatile range of lure fishing rods for both sea and freshwater. All models ..


Savage Gear Multi Purpose Predator 2 Rods (8.6ft - up to 150gr)

The most versatile series of modern rods the team at Savage Gear have ever created!It has fishing mo..


Shimano Alivio DX Spinning

Alivio DX SpinningThe Alivio DX Spinning with its progressive XT-30 blank is faster and slimmer than..


Shimano Catana DX Spinning

Shimano Catana DX SpinningThe use of Geofibre in the new Catana combined with the progressive guide ..


Shimano Catana Super Sensitive

The use of Geofibre in the new Catana combined with the progressive guide set-up generates a superio..


Shimano Catana Tele 2.1m

2.1m 10-30gCatana CX Tele Spinning The use of Geofibre in the new Catana combined with the progressi..


Shimano Forcemaster

Forcemaster BX SpinningA great range of affordable lure rods built without compromise. The red, silv..


Shimano Nasci AX

Nasci AX SpinningThe Nasci Bass is a rod specially made for bass fishing. The XT60 carbon blank and ..


Shimano Scimitar

Scimitar AX SpinningA superb rod specially designed for the inexperienced angler, the Scimitar Spinn..


Shimano Vengence Slim Tele 40 to 80g

2.7 40 to 80gThe Vengeance AX Slim is a versatile telescopic rod range which does not have any prete..


Shimano Yasei Red Coregonus AX 210

The soft parabolic action of the Yasei Red Coregonus XT60 blank minimizes and absorbs the pressure o..


Shimano Yasei Red Pike 2.5 H

Yasei Red AX PikeThe Yasei Red Pike rod features a fast progressive action with a strong backbone wh..