Pike and carp Rods

Pike and carp Rods

Pike and carp rods

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Daiwa Lexa Predator (360cm-3lb T.C.)

This Lexa duo cover both boat and bank options for the predator angler. The 12ft 3lb casting version..


Fox Warrior S Full cork Handle

Fox Warrior S:The new Warrior S range, although set at an entry level price, most certainly do not h..


Greys Prodigy GT3 (360cm-2,75lb T.C.)

The Prodigy GT3 is the third generation of the class leading Prodigy carp rod platform. We've subtly..


Greys Prowla Platinum Bait (360cm - 3lb T.C.)

The 12ft Prowla Platinum 3lb test curve is the ultimate pike rod. Made from high modulus carbon its ..


Prologic C1A Rod (12ft > 3.00lb T.C.)

After many successful years our, C1 carp rod collection has finally undergone an important improveme..


Rovex Nitrium II Carp (360cm-2,75lb T.C.)

The Rovex Nitrium II 2.75lb test curve has been adopted by retailers the length and breadth of the c..


Rovex Nitrium II Pike Deadbait (360cm-3,25lb T.C.)

The Rovex Nitrium II Pike Deadbait Rod is built on a strong 3.25lb test blank that has plenty of gru..


Shakespeare Sigma Pike DeadbaitRod (360cm-3lb T.C.)

Sigma PikeThe Shakespeare sigma 3lb TC rod is perfect for dead and live bait situations with a power..


Shimano Tx2 Specimen Rod

The TX 2 carp rod range is based on proven manufacturing processes, using XT60 carbon. This results ..


Wychwood Agitator Bait (12ft > 3lb T.C.)

Wychwood Agitator Bait Rod,This range of rods covers all aspects of predator fishing and performs fa..


Grauvell Vorteks Eden Carp Rod

Grauvell Vorteks  Eden Carp Rod3.5lb available..


Fox Warrior Deadbait Rods

Available in 12 foot 2.75lb or 12 foot 3.00lbKey Features• High quality lightweight carbon blanks• M..