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Coarse Rods

Coarse Rods

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Drennan Red Range Carp Waggler 12ft

Drennan Red Range Carp Waggler rods are designed principally for commercial carp fishing. There are ..


Shimano Aernos Longcast Feeder 13ft

13ft  120gThe Aernos Feeder is one of the most visually outstanding rods in the Shimano feeder ..


Shimano Alivio Feeder CX

Alivio CX FeederThe entry level Alivio CX Feeder offers value for money and refined performance. Ava..


Shimano Beastmaster Feeder 12ft

One of the biggest selling commercial rod ranges of all time has just been seriously updated. If you..


Shimano Beastmaster Float 12ft

ne of the biggest selling commercial rod ranges of all time has just been seriously updated. If you ..


Daiwa Harrier Pellet Waggler 11ft

Light balanced blanksMedium fast actionsMatt low glare finishEVA down locking fore gripFull cork han..


Daiwa Theory Barbel 1.75lb 12ft

12 ft1.75lb Two top sectionsSlim and powerful is what the Daiwa Theory rods have to offer. The ..


Grauvell Vorteks Rexton Feeder

OptionsRexton Feeder Light 11ft, 10-65gRexton Feeder Medium 12ft, 30-100g ..


Shakespeare Superteam 11ft Waggler

This slim, lightweight rod provides exceptional performance. Its 2 piece configuration is perfect fo..


Shakespeare Superteam 12ft Feeder

These rods have extremely versatile progressive actions that perfectly blend the fine hollow tip sec..


Drennan 11ft Pellet Waggler Red Range

At just 11ft this great little Pellet Waggler rod is ideal for all small commercial waters. Its ligh..


Drennan 13ft Float Rod Red Range

It is perfect for holding line off the water when controlling top and bottom floats, and is also an ..


Drennan 9ft'6 Mini Carp Feeder Red Range

Its reduced length helps with positioning for bite detection and striking in tight, confined swims a..


Drennan Method Feeder 11ft Red Range

This excellent 11ft (3.3m) Method Feeder rod is equipped with 3oz and 4oz glass quivertips. These ti..


Shimano Vengence Barbel Power 1.75lb

Comes with two top sections plus 3 tips2oz, 3oz, 5ozDesigned for anglers seeking hard-fighting river..