Trace Making, Wire, Crimps, ect

Trace Making, Wire, Crimps, ect

Trace Making, Wire, Crimps, ect

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Cox and Rawle Treble Hooks

Extra strong and extremely sharp treble with micro barbs, a round eye and a corrosion resi..


Fox Carbon Treble Hooks (Semi barbed)

Key FeaturesAvailable in 3 sizesAvailable in Barbed and semi barbedBlack Nickel FinishNeedle EyeExtr..


Fox Rage 49 Strand Wire 10m

There's nothing worse than tying a new trace, only to have a tiny jack pike take your bait and ruin ..


Fox XS Carbon Treble Hooks (Semi-Barbed)

If you are looking for the ultimate treble hook for Pike fishing, look no further than the Fox Preda..


Grauvell Teklon Hi-Carbon Treble Hooks (3200PS)

Grauvell Teklon Hi-Carbon Treble Hooks are chemically sharpened, ultra strong and ideal for many app..


Greys Prowla Supa strength Treble Hooks

Prowla Supa Strength Trebles have been designed with the big fish specialist in mind, so if you want..


Mustad Treble Hooks (3551)

At Mustad tradition meets technology to create the worlds no.1 selling hooks. These trebles are extr..


Owner S - Treble Hooks (ST-36RD)

these are ideal for both fresh and inshore saltwater - either as replacement hooks for smaller profi..


Owner S - Treble Hooks (ST-66TN)

4X strong, these are a beast of a treble hook! Considered an automatic upgrade for virtually any fac..


Owner S -Treble Hooks (ST-36BC)

At Owner they have devoted nearly two decades of effort in developing a line of high quality, h..


Pike Pro 19 strand trace wire

PikePro 19 Strand Trace wireSupplied on a spool of 15m with a breaking strain of 35lb/16kg.High perf..


Berkley Steelon Nylon Coated Wire

When it comes to terminal tackle, we can sum up our performance in just one word - strength. Be..


Drennan 7 Strand Pike Wire 28lb

The original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire. Supplied on a 15m spool...


Drennan ESOX Super 7 Pike Wire 28lb

E-Sox Super 7 Piker Trace Wire is produced from seven strands of ultra fine stainless steel filament..