Beads, Cone Heads, Eyes, Tubes, Etc.

Beads, Cone Heads, Eyes, Tubes, Etc.

Beads, Cone Heads, Eyes, Tubes, Etc.

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Eumer Micro Copper Crayfish Tube 10mm

The perfect shape for making shrimp flies. With internal liner and hook hold tubing.The Micro have a..


Fish Skull Baitfish heads - Golden Chartreuse

The Baitfish Head is a weighted head with a realistic baitfish profile and unique design featur..


Funky Flytying Realistic Eyes 8mm

Ultra realistic self adhesive eyes in seven great colours..


Stonefly Trout Fly Wobbler #5

Tie in one of these Wobbler blades under the eye facing forwardAs the thread wraps the stem around t..


Stonfo Streamer Fish Heads

Heads with shape and silhouette specially designed to tie realistic streamers. Made of high resistan..


Veniard Copper Slipstream Tubes 1"

A heavy weight plastic lined copper tubes for deep/fast water.10 tubes per packetAvailable in sizes ..


Veniard Epoxy Eyes

New holographic self adhesive eyes that are bright and very lifelike.Available with a Silver or Red ..


Veniard Gold, Silver and Copper Bead Heads

All drilled with a tapered hole and given a nontarnishable finish.XXS, XS, S, M, L25 per packet..


Veniard Silver Bead Chain

Great for chain or dumbbell type eyessilver available in 3 sizes;Small - 2.4mmMedium - 3.2mmLarge - ..


Veniard Super Slim Gold Bottle Tubes 15mm

Super Slim 3mm diameter high precision brass tubes are an addition to veniard's standard range of bo..


Veniard Tungsten Beads (2.8mm > Countersunk)

Great coloured super heavy tungsten beads. Packets of 25 countersunk beads..


Veniard Tungsten Beads (2.8mm > Slotted)

Very heavy beads slotted for minimum weight lossGreat when weight and size is an issue***Now 25 per ..